Member Essentials FP4H Member's Kit-CLASSIC

****This item is part of our Classic First Place 4 Health materials.  This is not the newest release.  The Classic Member's Kit does not include a Bible Study.****

The First Place 4 Health Member's Kit is the core of the First Place 4 Health program and contains everything necessary for members to begin a new way of thinking about health and a renewed mind, body and spirit.The FP4H Member’s Kit comes in a specially designed, lightweight, waterproof messenger bag with strap and velcro closing and includes:

The Wellness Journey of a Lifetime Book.  The Wellness Journey of a Lifetime is a lively and life-changing new book by Vicki Heath.  The book chronicles the successes of the faith-based wellness and weight loss program and offers rich insights from the author about how to live a healthy lifestyle, including numerous other individual success stories and photos.

First Place 4 Health Member's Guide.  This is the where-to-go reference guide for doing the First Place 4 Health program. The material is easy to understand and to follow.

Simple Ideas for Healthy Living.  Here are many ways to eat well, exercise and live right, all in one place. Addresses various health topics relating to the spirit, mind, emotions and body.

Why Should a Christian Be Physically Fit? DVD.  Dr. Richard Couey, a professor of Health Sciences at Baylor University, specializes in physiology and nutrition. Watch while he explains how eating the proper nutrients can help prevent disease.

Emotions and Eating DVD.  Cindy Schirle, a licensed professional counselor, discusses how eating habits affect your emotional state and how you can put that knowledge to use every day.

First Place 4 Health Prayer Journal.  Keep track of what God is teaching you in your Bible study, record your successes, note your challenges and post highlights of your personal journey to healthy living.

First Place 4 Health Canvas Tote.  Included with your kit is a heavy canvas bag large enough to carry all your FP4H materials and more.