New Releases FP4H Group Starter Kit-CLASSIC

****This item is part of our Classic First Place 4 Health materials.  This is not the newest release.****


The First Place 4 Health Group Starter Kit includes everything necessary for leaders to teach members how to begin a new way of thinking about health through a renewed mind, emotions, body and spirit.

Leaders will appreciate the user-friendly food plan and easy-to-use tools provided in the kit to bring lasting positive change in their own and in members' lives.  The training DVDs will bring the program to life and make the leader's role a pleasure as they help members change their lives.

The Group Starter Kit contains:  A complete Member's Kit, First Place 4 Health Leader's Guide, Seek God First Bible Study, First Place 4 Health Orientation and Food Plan DVD & How to Lead with Excellence DVD. The FP4H canvas tote is included with the Group Starter Kit.