Success Stories

When we reach our weight-loss goals in First Place 4 Health, we feel tremendous joy in that accomplishment. Success, however, is not found simply in achieving our goals but in the process of change itself. God changes us in the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional areas of our lives. 

Do you have a success story to share? Your story could be the thing that sets someone on a path that changes their life.  Send your story to

Do you have a personal success story you’d like to share?


  1. Abby Meloy

    Beginning Weight: 216 · Ending Weight: 135

    "Food was my comfort from the stress." says Abby.

    I am a truly thankful person for the First Place program. As a pastor’s wife who had stayed at the 200-pound (and over) mark for seven years, I can now say that I am 135 pounds, a size 8, and I have…continue reading »

  2. Alice LaPlaca

    Beginning Size: 16 · Ending Size: 6

    "Before FP4H, I was used to eating seconds (and sometimes thirds!), plus I would eat off my girls' plates and also my husband's. I couldn't stand for good food to go to waste and it wound up on my WAIST!"

    Although some people tell me now that I didn't need to lose the weight, I knew in my heart that I did.  At 5' 9", I could sometimes hide the extra weight, but the big mirror in my master bathroom never…continue reading »

  3. Amy Gray

    Beginning Weight: 226 · Ending Weight: 141

    I couldn't resolve to exercise. Even through continual pleading prayers that God would make me go, make me want to exercise, motivate me or push me, it never worked. I hated the idea of exercise.

    To this day, the words of my gymnastics coach continue to play like a tape in my head. He said, “You’re getting too fat to spot over the vault.” I was seven. For as long as I can remember,…continue reading »

  4. Amy Pelletier

    Are you thinking, “This is too hard for me and how will I ever lose so much weight?”  You are not alone! I have an ultimate goal to lose one-half of my body weight. This is a very large number and…continue reading »

  5. Barb Harrison

    I have come to realize that my body truly is the temple of God, and I can’t be fit for service in the kingdom if I am not physically fit.

    I joined First Place 4 Health in the inaugural class of September 2012, at the invitation of our leader, Kathy Fox. I wasn’t particularly looking for a weight- loss program, even though I was seriously…continue reading »