Recipes Cupcakes from Summit 2011! (Dessert)

Number of Servings
    • 1 Box Cake Mix
    • 1 Can of Soft Drink of your choice
    • 1 Egg


    • Can of Pumpkin for Spice Cake mentioned below.



Combine one box of cake mix, one can of soft drink and one egg.  Mix thoroughly.  Bake as directed on box according to time and temperature.

Combinations used at Summit 2011:

Orange Cake mix & Orange Soda

Dr. Pepper & Chocolate Devil's Food Cake Mix

Sprite & Lemon Cake Mix

Coke & Chocolate Cake Mix

Alternate idea for spice cupcakes:  Can of Pumpkin & Spice Cake Mix

NOTE - Will work without the egg!

Nutrition Information

Average per cupcake:  99 calories