Recipes Grilled Corn on the Cob (Extras, Side dish, Vegetarian)

Serving Size
Number of Servings

    4 ears of corn, unhusked


Preheat grill. Carefully peel back husks, but do not detach. Remove as much
silk from the ears of corn as possible. Pull the husks back over the corn and
secure the end by tying with a strip of husk. Soak the corn in cold water for
20 minutes. Remove from the water, shaking off excess. Grill the ears of
corn, periodically rolling them for even cooking, until the kernels are tender
when pierced with a fork (about 15 to 20 minutes). Remove the husks
before serving.

Nutrition Information

77 calories (10.7% calories from fat); 1g fat; 3g protein; 17g carbohydrate;
2g dietary fiber; 0mg cholesterol; 14mg sodium.