Recipes Neopolitan Sundae (Dessert)

Number of Servings

    1 cup sliced strawberries
    1/4 cup chocolate chips
    4 ounces angel food cake
    4 1/3 cup servings light frozen yogurt


Blend strawberries in container of electric blender; cover and process until smooth. Place 1/4 cup chocolate chips in a small zip-top plastic bag, and crush with a meat mallet or rolling pin. Cut 4 1-ounce slices angel food cake. Drizzle strawberry puree evenly on 4 plates, and place cake slices on top of puree. Top each with 1/3 cup frozen yogurt and sprint each with 1 tablespoon crushed chocolate chips.

Nutrition Information

193 Calories, 2.2g Fat, 4.5g Protein, 40.1g Carbohydrate, .9g Fiber, 181mg Sodium