Let's Bring First Place 4 Health to Your Church

As a First Place 4 Health leader, you have the awesome privilege to witness lives radically changed as your members learn what it means to give Christ first place emotionally, spiritually, mentally and physically. Your class members will lose weight and learn how to exercise, but the deepest life change can occur when Jesus Christ becomes Lord in their lives.

To begin your program, follow these easy steps:

  • 1 Identify a location for your group meetings.

    Enthusiasm is the primary qualification for becoming a First Place 4 Health group leader. While leaders are not required to be at their goal weight before leading a class, they should be following the program and moving toward their goal weight as an example to the group.

    Many First Place 4 Health programs are hosted by a church. If your church does not have a group, ask your pastor or another local pastor about sponsoring the First Place 4 Health program. Communicate that the First Place 4 Health program is a biblically based and medically trustworthy wellness program. It can be used as an outreach tool and a ministry of discipleship. Programs can be scheduled in four 12-week sessions, with weekly meetings of one hour and 15 minutes.

    Meetings can also be held in homes, neighborhood centers, campuses, hospitals or the workplace. Be sure to discuss possible meeting days and times, requirements and expectations for proper care of the facilities, and the availability and cost of childcare.

    Give them time to review your proposal and information (don’t forget to pray!) and then follow up. When you get the go-ahead, it’s time to get to know the First Place 4 Health Group Starter Kit.

  • 2 Purchase the First Place 4 Health leader materials.

    To begin a First Place 4 Health group, you will need to purchase a First Place 4 Health Group Starter Kit. It contains everything you need to start a group. The Leader’s Guide is an essential reference guide that contains practical and easy-to-follow instructions for how to set up the program, how to recruit and train leaders, hot to conduct weekly meetings, how to plan a victory celebration and much more. Also included are lesson plans, document samples and reproducible forms.

    The Bible study Seek God First is included in the Group Starter Kit. For each session the leader will need to choose a new Bible study for the group. See the complete list of available Bible studies. The DVD, Why Should a Christian Be Physically Fit? by Dr. Richard Couey explains how eating the proper nutrients can help prevent disease. Simple Ideas for Health Living contains health tips and information on a wide range of topics that leaders can use as part of the Wellness Spotlight in each week’s meeting. View all the items in the Group Starter Kit.

    How to Order

  • 3 Publicize and promote your group.

    Once you know the where and when of your First Place 4 Health group(s) and have scheduled your orientation, you can begin publicizing your group. Get creative! The Leader’s Guide is full of tips on how to get the word out. Be sure and register your group on the First Place 4 Health website. Register your group.

  • 4 Have members purchase the necessary materials

    When you have a leader and a group of individuals interested in starting the program, each new member will need a First Place 4 Health Member’s Kit and a Bible study. The Member’s Kit is a one-time purchase and contains everything the individual members in your group need to succeed. Each returning member needs only the First Place 4 Health Bible study selected for the upcoming session.

  • 5 Determine if additional fees are required.

    When more funds are needed to cover start-up expenses – a reliable scale for weekly weigh ins, leader materials, incentive awards, victory celebrations, leadership training, tape measures – it becomes necessary to charge individuals an additional registration fee, usually $10-$20. Some groups may want to consider adding childcare and scholarship costs to their program as well. First Place 4 Health advises leaders to consult with their pastor or other church official to determine the registration fee to be collected from each member or couple.

  • 6 Encourage members to read the First Place 4 Health Newsletter.

    To enhance the success of each member’s First Place 4 Health experience, leaders should encourage members to subscribe to the First Place 4 Health Newsletter. This valuable online resource supplements learning, provides new recipes, and inspires members to keep Christ in first place. Subscribe to the Newsletter!

What do I need as a group leader?

Order a Group Starter Kit

Group Starter Kit

The First Place 4 Health Group Starter Kit contains everything necessary for leaders to teach members to begin a new way of thinking about health through a renewed mind, emotions, body and spirit. Leaders will appreciate the user-friendly food plan and easy-to-use tools provided in the kit to bring lasting positive change in their own and in members’ lives. The all-new training DVDs will bring the program to life and make the leader’s role a pleasure as they help members change their lives.