Let's Get Started

At First Place 4 Health, we believe, committed, authentic community changes everything.  Without someone to lean on when things get tough, we are often tempted to be too hard on ourselves, or even quit entirely.  We're more able to press onward in the face of difficulty.  We believe that after Christ, community is the most powerful catalyst for tangible, sustainable change in our health.  It's the difference-maker in nearly every area of our lives; as Ecclesiastes says, a cord of three strands is not easily broken.  Walking hand-in-hand motivates us, encourages us, and unites us in our journey toward wellness.  Here are three ways you can join a community of friends on your journey to wellness.  Let's get started!

What do I need?

All members need a First Place 4 Health Member's Kit and Bible Study. Members who have purchased a kit will need a new Bible study each session. Your leader will choose the Bible study for each session.

If you want to help start a new group, you need a Group Starter Kit.

Who can be a First Place 4 Health leader?

The First Place 4 Health Group Starter Kit includes detailed instructions on how to set up and start a First Place 4 Health group. The First Place 4 Health Leader's Guide contains everything you need to confidently lead your group to a life of healthy balance. In this essential reference guide, you’ll find practical and easy-to-follow lesson plans, document samples, reproducible forms and everything you need to set up the program. Additional leadership training is also available at rallies and wellness events around the country. Come see us!

Would you like to host an event in your area?  Contact Lisa Lewis at lisa.lewis@fp4h.com for information.

Where do I get support?

We accomplish this through a huge volunteer team of a handful of Regional Team Leaders who each oversee multiple states, dozens of Networking Leaders who oversee defined areas of states, and thousands of Local Leaders who lead First Place 4 Health groups. These men and women are the ones who respond to the need for Christ-centered weight-loss and wellness in their community. The First Place 4 Health Network would not exist if not for the dedicated work of these volunteers.  To find a Regional Team Leader or Networking Leader for your area, go here: Networking Leaders