Our Approach

First Place 4 Health believes in the power of Christ to ignite radical, transformative change in our lives, which includes our physical health. Though the journey is never easy, we are committed to helping others pursue whole-person wellness by looking to Christ as our ultimate sustainer, keeping His Word at the core of our identity, and cultivating a dedicated community defined by truth and grace.  As believers, we are free from the chains of the world that bind us--whether that's a number on a scale or the expectations with which we burden ourselves--and First Place 4 Health believes in living in that freedom. We don't do perfection. Instead, we trust Christ as the source of our joy and peace, walking hand-in-hand through the peaks and valleys of our road to physical wellness--however that may look--together. 

Why Choose First Place 4 Health?

A wide variety of people become members of First Place 4 Health, from those who struggle with losing five to 10 pounds to those who battle obesity or are tired of yo-yo dieting. Some may join to increase their knowledge about nutrition, to get help with implementing a consistent exercise plan, or to learn how to develop a healthy lifestyle for their family. Whatever their reasons, they soon discover that First Place 4 Health is a biblically based, medically trustworthy wellness program that addresses the whole person—physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.